PS5? Will It Sell More Than The New Xbox? How Powerful Will It Be? Let’s Find Out! (No release Date is Confirmed For The PS5 In This Article)


First, we had the PS1, PS1 variants, PS2, PS2 variants, PS3, PS3 variants, PS4 and PS4 variants (and by “variants”, I mean slims, fats, redesigned, etc.). However, how long before the PS5 releases? 2019, 2020 or possibly 2022? Let’s break “history” down for you all in the meantime and you can decide when you think it’ll be released.

(For the sake of this article, I will not be providing graphs on the PS1 unfortunately. Only the sales.)

So far, the PS2 was, and still is, the “king” of console sales according to history. No console to this day, has EVER sold more than the PS2. Not Microsoft Xbox, not even Atari! Refer to the pic below and the last pic of the page towards bottom for proof.

Now, since that is out of the way? Let’s talk about the sales and specs of each generation starting with the PS2 and original Xbox. Toe to toe, head to head, mono e mono, whatever you wanna call it these days…

As you can see by the graph above, the “original” Microsoft Xbox had the more powerful components compared to the PS2. With a 733MHz processor speed, two 16K L1 caches (with a 128K L2 cache), 64M 128-bit DDR…the “original” Microsoft Xbox was sure to pull ahead in this “spec”tacular graph (see what I did there?).

However, more power doesn’t mean more sales! As it so happens, the Sony PlayStation 2 sold more despite the “original” Xbox being the more powerful of the two (as you can see by the very first graph I’ve shown at top of article!).

Moving onto the PS3 versus the Xbox 360 in terms of sales and power!

As you can see here, the PS3 absolutely DOMINATED the Xbox 360 in terms of power despite the 360 being released a full year ahead of the PS3! At a retail price of $450 at launch, the 360 was the better deal, but was it really? Let’s take a look at that graph above..

The PS3 had a MASSIVE 8 core (octacore) processor (with a whopping 25.6GHz speed) compared to only a 9.6GHz speed triple core processor in the Xbox 360 (ouch). The PS3 was the first “Blu-Ray” player ever made for consumers with Blu-Ray soon becoming the default disc player format in every electronic made to this day! The HD-DVD and DVD format both will soon be obsolete (if digital movies and games don’t take over first).

The PS3 also boasts a 750GB maximum disk drive capacity (later many found out, even 1TB internal drives worked inside of it) while the 360 only supported a 120GB max internal drive (again, ouch!). Another major difference was the fact the PS3 supported SATA hard drives (commonly used in laptops), whereas the Xbox 360 only supported…well…THEIR custom made hard drives. Too much strictness is not good for consumers. Like Apple iPhones being more strict compared to Androids. That’s another story to tell for another day I suppose…

Let’s not forget that even though you were only paying $450 for the 360, to play online you’d have to buy the SEPARATE network adapter at $100! That brings the ACTUAL total of the 360 up to $550 at launch. The PS3 was $600 at launch and offered built in internet support, Blu-Ray, ability to increase hard drive size up to 1TB (with open mindedness of SATA drives), etc. Seems like the PS3 had the better “bang for your buck” scenario going on here!

If you were lucky enough to buy and hold onto a CECHA or CECHB model PS3 (the two launch models), you’ll be pleased to know that ALL PS1, PS2 and PS3 games (disc or not) can be played on these models. If you ended up buying a slim or other model besides the two above, you can only play all PS1 and PS3 games (disc or not) and can forget about PS2 discs working in the drive…

Again however, being the most powerful doesn’t mean selling more. Since Microsoft released their console earlier, they sold more in the long run (pic below)…

Last but not least, the PS4 Pro versus the Xbox One X (I’m skipping the original models as these are the most recent versions of the consoles)

With the Xbox One X sporting the same type of 8 core (octacore) processor as the PS4 Pro, it pulls ahead a tad by “0.2GHz” in processor speed. Not a lot, right? However, the X sports 4GB more GDDR5 RAM to keep the system fast without slow down. Having more RAM working with the processor (as we all should know in the computing world), means more processes can run on the system without slowing the whole system down itself during tasks.

Example: you could play games, broadcast (aka live stream) and download game updates all at the same time; the system would never slow down and you would never notice any hiccups in what you’re doing.

This was actually a smart move by Microsoft including more RAM, because it’d make the console more fluid in operating at its fullest potential! Add in a 6 Teraflops of performance in GPU power compared to the only 4.2 Teraflops in the PS4 Pro and we already have our winner in hardware specs…

This is also mainly due to the fact that the X provides “native” 4K in most of its games that will support it. What people don’t realize however, is the fact that the PS4 Pro also does native 4K (just not nearly as often and not in nearly as many games as the X). The PS4 Pro mostly does 4K “checkerboard” scaling. Which, (to short summarize the absolute best I can) is a “non-blurry” method of upscaling (imagine stretching a smaller image out bigger) a 1080P or 2K (most likely for the PS4 Pro here) resolution game to 4K resolution on a 4K display.

However and again, the X being the most powerful doesn’t mean it sold more. See the last graph below of all of the top sold consoles in the world and how they stacked up against each other so far (The PS4 Pro dominated the X in sales, despite the X being more powerful). Keep reading after the graph for this article’s summary!

So with all of this being said, why did I have to provide all of this information? Simple. “History repeats itself”:

  • PS2 was weaker than OG Xbox 
  • Xbox 360 was weaker than PS3 (8 Core CPU PS3 vs only a 3 Core Xbox)
  • Xbox One was weaker than the PS4.
  • PS4 Pro was weaker than the Xbox One X

So, what would this mean? When will the PS5 be released? How powerful will it be and what will the price be? Also, will it sell more than the new Xbox?

Well, by looking at the bulleted list above? Every 2 console releases (including upgraded models) one outperforms the other in specs. We can tell by “history”… THAT THE NEW XBOX SERIES X WILL BE MORE POWERFUL IN SPECS THIS AROUND. However, 

Then I’d imagine the PS6 will be the more powerful one that generation, *laughing on the inside, because we’re not that far yet*. You can see what I’m trying to say though. Each company goes back and forth in either selling more, or having the more powerful console every 2 console releases (including upgraded consoles) ever since the KING of sales “PS2”. The more powerful console almost always NEVER sells more than the other. Why is this?

In my opinion, I think it’s because of only one reason. That’s right. One. PEOPLE ARE IMPATIENT AND WANT THE CURRENT GEN CONSOLE NOW. That’s right. Most people don’t want to wait a year later to get the more powerful console of the two (like the PS3 released a year later with 8 CPU cores compared to the Xbox 360 with only 3 CPU cores). Everyone wants to be ahead of the pack, not knowing that in the computer world:

“Specs are King”

As far as pricing goes, I see it reaching a minimum of $450, but a maximum of $650. That’s a pretty big gap, but I’m guessing according to again…history. Plus, lots of people don’t know that a console will already be behind in graphics by about 3 years minimum compared to PC gamers. This is why you see graphics cards going up to $1,200 and higher alone.

The only way they can keep prices down as low as possible is to put older and weaker computer parts into these consoles for consumers. Example… an Xbox One X has a PC equivalent to a Nvidia GTX 1060. Console was released in November of 2017. That Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card runs about $299 or less and was released in July of 2016. 2016! Were almost to 2019 at the time of writing this article!

Both, the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be released Holiday 2020 (ya know, like 20/20 vision. See what I did there?).

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