PS5 vs XSX (Why PS5 Will Be Faster)

Ok, first of all, let’s talk about how unbiased this article will be. Hi, my name is Cody Ryan from GamingCanbeFun and I own (currently as of the date of this article) a PS3 (CECHA01 Model that plays PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs), two PS4 Pros, two custom built PC’s I’ve built myself and a Nintendo Switch. I don’t like handhelds that much. I’m a weirdo, I guess…

As you can see, I am not biased in any way towards any console as I own multiple gaming platforms. If anything, I’m more biased towards PC. At least I’m honest! With that being said, let’s jump straight in the pool of why the PS5 will be the faster system against the Xbox Series X, despite the “TFLOPS” difference in their GPUs. Keep in mind, in this article I’m not saying the PS5 is “more powerful”. There is a difference between “speed” and “power”. I’m saying the PS5 will be “faster”. You’ll see where I’m going with this in a minute:

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Now this screenshot was actually drawn out by me on my Galaxy Note 10. Apologies for my terrible handwriting. As you can see, I’m pointing to memory caps and also what’s called “I/O Throughput” of the two new consoles.

Let’s take a look at the CPU and GPU portion first (not circled in pic).

We can see that the PS5’s CPU is clocked at a 3.5 Ghz speed while the Xbox Series X’s CPU is clocked at 3.8 Ghz. SMT just means “Simultaneous Multithreading”. However, what lots might not know is that these systems play at higher resolutions for the MOST part (4K and higher) and when playing at higher resolutions, the CPU doesn’t do much for gameplay, nor graphically for that matter. So basically what I’m trying to say is: comparing the CPUs is a waste of time because most will be playing at 4K and 8K (not native/only upscaled) which is mostly GPU bound and will be using the GPU more.

Now for the GPUs… We can see that the PS5 goes up to a 2.23 Ghz speed but with only 36 CUs. Xbox Series X on the other hand only goes up to 1.825 Ghz at 52 CUs., which is 16 MORE CUs than the PS5 even tho it’s operating at a “slower graphical speed”. This equates to a 12.155 Teraflops (TFLOPS) of graphical performance vs the PS5’s 10.28 Teraflops (TFLOPS) “in the longrun”. HOWEVER… We all need to look at the overall specs. Not just graphical power, because “the bigger they are, the harder they can fall” and like Goku told Gohan when training him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber of the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z: “What is the point in these big muscles if I can’t catch my opponent”. Case in point. Here is another example of why “Teraflops/TFLOPS” don’t matter in terms of graphics:

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Again, I underlined and circled the important part… There have been cases where “more” Teraflops/TFLOPS perform WORSE than “less” Teraflops/TFLOPS. That says a LOT! Which is why people shouldn’t assume “well, this system has more Teraflops/TFLOPS, so it’s the better system”. That’ll get you nowhere in real-world benchmarks/specs analyses.

Now, let’s talk about that I/O Throughput and why the PS5 having DOUBLE the rate (along with a higher GPU clock) will be the deciding factor of why it’ll be the “faster” system overall:

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As you can see, the I/O Throughput is “the speed at which data can be transmitted between devices and the rate at which information can be read from or written to a storage device”. Now, this does NOT just mean “SSD Speed”. Many will get that part confused when seeing the words of that definition: “storage device”. Look at the first HALF of the definition:

“the speed at which data can be transmitted between devices”.

Now, look at it this way:

“the speed at which data from the GPU can be transmitted between the RAM, CPU, Motherboard, SSD and back to the GPU”.

THAT is how all of you need to see this as. Seeing as the PS5 has double that speed of the definition above against the Xbox Series X, we now know the PS5 will be faster overall.

Also, seeing as the Xbox Series X has a “memory bandwidth cap of 10GB and 6GB” at those 560 GB/s and 336 GB/s speeds respectively, while the PS5 has NO memory bandwidth caps with a 448 GB/s constant speed; meanwhile, the Xbox Series X has a 2.4 GB/s and 4.8 GB/s I/O Throughput while the PS5 has DOUBLE that at a 5.9 GB/s and 8-9 GB/s I/O Throughput as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can EASILY see the winner here in “speed”.


You see, it doesn’t matter how much graphical power/Teraflops/TFLOPS you have. If you can’t hit your opponent with your strong punches, all that graphical power is a waste. No one seems to understand that the PS5 has double the I/O throughput which is the exact speed at which the GPU, SSD, RAM, Motherboard and Processor can send data to each other. That INCLUDES graphical data. This means graphics rendering and load times will be faster on the PS5 due to DOUBLE that speed Vs the Xbox Series X. It’s common sense to any smart computer expert! PS5 has the speed, Xbox Series X has the 5% more graphical power (which could be a waste of money, cuz you’ll never use that entire graphical power when the I/O Throughput is half the PS5’s speed).

It’s like in the Dragon Ball Z anime as an analogy: Vegeta and Trunks going up against Cell in the Cell saga. They had way more graphical power than Cell, but Cell was faster and had the faster motherboard aka I/O Throughput which gave him the edge in “performance”. Cell rendered the Graphics (the entire world in background, not just loading what u see in front of you) quicker and loaded games quicker by 3 to 5 seconds. Vegeta and Trunks still trying to work their graphics power in background loading the rest of the world but falls a little short in loading the entire world in background at once. Vegeta and Trunks can’t see the mountains in the background until they get closer to them, but Cell already loaded them ahead of time and he can see them already without having to get as close as Vegeta and Trunks has to. See my point?

The Plus Side:

Ever HATED the fact that while playing a game on the PS4 Pro, you press the PS Button on your controller to bring up your messages only having to wait like 2 minutes before your message would even pop up because of how slow the interface was while the game is running in the background? Well, NO MORE. You won’t have to worry about that ever again. Everything will be much snappier and quicker interface wise, as well as graphical textures being loaded from “memory” MUCH faster than Xbox Series X even though the X will provide a “tiny” bit better clarity once it “finally” loads things with its higher Teraflop/TFLOP GPU… Plus, both systems will support 4K 120FPS which is a first for ANY console! No console has EVER operated faster than 60FPS, until now…

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are to be released this Holiday Season (2020). Stay tuned for more!


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