PS5 Release Date Confirmed!

We officially have the date directly from Sony of when their new PlayStation 5 will be releasing! We are so excited and we’re all hoping you all are too! Are you ready kids? “Ai, Ai, Captain!”. I can’t hear you! Ok, wrong impression to get everyone stoked…


That’s right! We are looking at a Christmas launch (well, most likely a month or two before)! Keep reading to learn more about what specs are confirmed and what we all can expect from this new console generation lineup from Sony!

Basic Specs (all we have until closer of release):

  • A custom 8 Core AMD Processor based on the 3rd generation Ryzen architecture lineup…

  • A custom AMD Radeon Navi Graphics Card (most likely an RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT PC equivalent, if not, a little weaker, since consoles (once they hit store shelves) use graphics cards that are at least 2 to 3 years old. Only way they can sell the consoles for less than $600)

  • 3D Audio

  • Backwards Compatibility with PS4 Games, as well as the ability to play online with PS4 friends. There are rumors (nothing of sort is confirmed) of it being FULLY backwards compatible and able to play ALL (that’s right) of the Playstation games ever released dating back to PS1. That means PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games could be played on it. This would be a MASSIVE game changer (pun intended) if Sony could pull it off. Not even Microsoft could manage their ENTIRE catalog of games on a backwards compatible Xbox.

  • Virtual Reality Support (supporting old PS4 VR headsets and rumors of a brand new VR headset being made exclusively for it as well!).

  • 8K Support (Though, we all know will most likely NOT be “native” 8K. Especially when consoles typically use “Dynamic Resolution Scaling” to stretch out 4K rendered games to the 8K displays. Most won’t notice and most won’t care as most can’t afford suped-up PC’s with the latest GPUs that would far exceed consoles by 2 to 4 years each time anyways. Example, Nvidia’s 2080 Ti has been out since 2018, supports 8K, Ray Tracing, as well as already ahead in the graphics department for another 2 years even after the PS5 releases. But, that’s none of my business as they say…)

  • Ray Tracing Support (didn’t I already mention this earlier with the 2080 Ti?). For those that don’t know what Ray Tracing is, it’s basically how light and other objects reflect off of “each other” in real time providing a more realistic approach to realism. This not only makes elements within life environments (like water) show reflections of characters faces now, but it also makes these elements and objects reflections not look so dull/bland. We no longer will have an “eh” look when looking at water in games since until now, just looked like light shining off the water with no reflections. Even if we looked right at the water, there was no reflection of our game character’s faces. Just dull and bland light shining off of it. This is what will completely change. Expect reflections in water from walls and other objects (not just in water either).

  • SSD pre-installed (possibly the biggest improvement for game loading and downloading times). SSD is short for “Solid State Drive” which is basically a new and improved hard drive that computers and previous consoles (if the console in question could have it’s hard drive removed manually to allow other SATA drives to replace what was already in them aka the PS3 and PS4, as example) used/uses to reduce game loading, installing, downloading (internet speed still factors in, but the SSD still helps with the speed since everything is loaded and ran instantly at the same time without much waiting or stalling), among other important things like changing menus to message your friends (which will be INSANELY faster thanks to the SSD as the operating system itself is also loaded, ran/running, whatever all at the same time and instantly loading everything without much waiting).

SSD’s are around 19 times faster than regular hard drives/HDDs and you can typically consider these like “flash memory” in cell phones. You know when you tap on an app on your phone and it loads instantly? Yeah… That’s what a SSD does for your computer and NOW your console… Here is a video of what it can do to decrease game load times, courtesy of Sony:

  • 4K 120Hz Support Confirmed! This is by far, my most favorite feature out of everything listed. For those that don’t know, the more “Hz” your TV/monitor has, the smoother the gameplay will feel, move, AS WELL AS provide less input lag (which is essential to games like online competitive 1st or 3rd person shooters). The reason for this, is because it also means this is how high your FPS (Frames Per Second) can go! No longer are we gamers stopped at 60FPS (talking to console users only here as PC has always been able to far exceed this), but we are now in an age where console users will be able to play at much higher frame rates than the normal 60FPS most of us were limited to! Having higher frames/FPS means faster reaction times, less timing from button press to action on screen (you know that weird feeling when you play games like Call of Duty for the first time on a new console and it feels like it’s at least a second or second and a half off from after you press a button on the controller? Yeah, say good bye to that as you won’t have to deal with that anymore).

Soon as you press a button, action will happen immediately with no delay in what you see, along with smoother looking movement (long as you have a TV that supports 120Hz to get the smoothest movement and even then, I’m sure the PS5 will have AMD’s free syncing technology inside called “FreeSync” that reduces screen tearing from high frame rates on a low Hz display). THAT is the beauty of higher frames and a higher “Hz” display. Long story short, expect 4K 120FPS gameplay long as you have a 120Hz TV/Monitor (FreeSync helping those with low Hz displays, yet not as smooth movement) to play all those frames on to get the smoothest playback movements and visuals.


I’m not going to go into which console is better, who will win, what Microsoft is doing better than Sony or what Sony is doing better than Microsoft with their new Playstation 5 against the Xbox Scarlett (at least they’re not messing up on consecutive number naming anymore), because that’s not what this website is for. We have opinions (and some might be biased), but we don’t discriminate against who has what here. We are all gamers and hope that maybe one day, there will be a “one console combined” that plays everything from all the consoles. That would be an amazing dream, eh? Doesn’t “no more exclusives” sound good? I think it does… Everyone could play any game, no matter who made it on that one console. That would be the day… We can dream, can’t we?

And by the way… No, the featured picture is not the PS5. It is the PS5 dev kit, which is basically an early prototype to the actual console. Developers use it to test the console features out and also helps them develop games for the actual thing, hence why it is called a “dev kit”. Sony has yet to officially reveal the actual PS5 and what it looks like.

That’s all we have that is mostly confirmed so far. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel HERE for fantastic, high quality content, as well as news as we come across it all. Here is a long video with in-depth explanations to all the features as well below! Thank you for reading 🙂