Overkill’s The Walking Dead Game Review

Based off the popular television show “The Walking Dead”, there’s actually a lot to say about this game! From the “walking dead” or “zombies” (whatever you wanna call them) to the weapons, to the people ripping you off (I’ll get to that in a minute)! This might or might not be a good purchase. Keep reading to find out more!

First thing’s first, you start out with 4 characters in the game gradually unlocking 2 more. The four character’s names are Heather, Aidan, Grant and Maya. Each with their own abilities and weapons they specialize in! For example, Aidan specializes in being able to use flashbangs against zombies and other types of enemies (didn’t think zombies were the only enemies did you?), but also provides more damage when equipped with a shotgun against enemies compared to the other 3 characters.

Seems kind of far-fetched, right? I think so. Weapons should have the same amount of damage output no matter who uses it, in my opinion. However, there are a lot of good things about this game than bad! Let’s start with the bad first, then end with the good…


The first of the bad, is the fact that this game is built on multiplayer online. You can play offline and by yourself, but it might take longer for you to beat the game. Why? Being built upon a multiplayer aspect means to survive, you might need help. There are a lot and I mean, a LOT of “walking dead” in this game on every single level I’ve played so far. We’re talking at least 40 to 50 in front of you just in the first level!

That might not seem like a lot, but throw in the fact that some of these levels are kinda small combined with the fact that movement is not that fast compared to let’s say “Call of Duty” and we got a serious hardship on our hands! The game aims for realism the most (even though you can run faster than this in real life). Movement is really slow in my opinion. Could be a lot faster and there’s no way to change it.

Also, given the fact that if you’re playing by yourself? You might end up replaying a lot of the levels over and over again to level up your character. This is IMPERATIVE, because leveling up your character will provide you higher chances of survival in later levels. You can level up your maximum health and health regeneration stats for example; or level up your damage output of your guns when used! Possibly increase Aidan’s flashbang enemy blindness duration? You get the idea…

There is a LOT to level up and not just your character’s stats. You also have to go around and “scavenge” items for your camp and community on levels that require you to find things. Oh and some things you find can’t be grabbed or used until you level up to buy those things with your stat points as well! Example: A chem set is required to pick up certain chemical items. You’re gonna be replaying a lot of levels over and over to go back and get those!

All of this might not be too bad for some, but to a lot of people it could be way too redundant and tasking. Not to mention “repetitive”. Whatever synonym you wanna use, it’s there… Definitely has a lot of replay value (and by that, I don’t mean replaying the entire game…). You get the general idea. It’s really no different than any other RPG that takes forever to complete. Go from one area to the next and back again for the extra items. Difference being, you don’t walk to those areas over and over. You select them on the level select screen.

Playing by yourself could cause a lot of frustration if you’re not leveled up already. Expect to replay levels over and over like I mentioned earlier. Especially when you die. No matter what difficulty it’s on, it’s pretty difficult in the first place by yourself. I couldn’t get past 20% of the 2nd level without dying at least 3 times, because I wasn’t leveled up enough. I had to go back and play the 1st level 3 times on the hardest difficulty (yeah, otherwise known as “Overkill” difficulty) and that leveled up my character to at least level 25 from level 1. Pretty quick, huh? I not only gained up to 15 stat points to buy upgraded abilities for my character, but was able to buy the max health and faster health regeneration abilities along with them to help aid me in future levels!


Now, let’s start with the good things about this game! Realism. Graphics are superb to say the least. Then again, graphics don’t make games fun. The game itself does. Anyways, graphics are one amazing thing about this game. The amount of detail, lighting, shadows and physics are literally spot on in my opinion. Swinging a baseball bat and cracking a zombie’s head, making them fall to the ground in a twisted way alone looks outstanding. That’d be the physics by the way, for those who don’t know…

Cutscenes are also realistic (very first one is the only one I’ve seen so far), but a lot of them are mostly moving pictures with commentary when progressing through the game… I’m sure I’d come across more actual cutscenes later in the game as I’m not really that far to judge on that alone.

The sounds are also spot on. Baseball upside the head of a zombie provides a “crack” sound and sensation like no other. Very addicting to listen to!

Health can be gained back if lost permanently by scavenging in every level and building upon those with a couple buttons. Although, some levels are harder to find items than others. BE CAREFUL AND TAKE IT SLOW! I can’t stress enough that there are a LOT of “walking dead” in every level you play. Not only that, but you’ll eventually come across having to kill actual people from other camp communities you find as well!

Since the game is based off the actual television series, everything you do is literally taking after the show. Having to go through hoards without being detected. Have I mentioned these levels are PACKED with zombies everywhere, including just standing there, gazing at random stuff?

This is no joke! Sounds attract them too just like the show! If you fire your gun on one end of the level, ALL of the zombies will come walk or run (really depends on the AI) to the spot the gun was fired from! Unless of course you have a silencer on the gun… Did I mention you can only use a silencer so long before it just stops working? That might not seem too realistic, but I guess the developers of the game had to give some challenge, right?

Like I said earlier, this game is the pinnacle of the television series. You will be scavenging for supplies to help you and your camp community survive, you will have survivors in levels you’ll find and have to keep alive and help, you will have short supply of ammo on certain levels while other levels will have ammo resupply boxes you can use over and over again, you will have a hard time surviving by yourself if not leveled up and practiced enough, you will have other people in the storyline take stuff of yours and you’ll have to go out and take it back even if you have to kill them, etc., etc., etc.

All I know is, this game is no “walk in the park” game. It is very hard even on the easiest difficulty (and mind you, the easiest difficulty is “normal”. There is no “easy” difficulty level, at all, whatsoever). For those who like stories and cutscenes in game, but only like to play by yourself to watch those cutscenes? It might be hard to manage for some in that regard without practice and leveling up first (by playing the levels over and over) to progress by yourself or by playing the online multiplayer unfortunately. The game is that difficult and time consuming sometimes…

However, if you like online play and don’t mind playing through a story of a game with other people you could chat with or whatever, then go for it. Either way, this game is fun and addicting to me. Challenging, hard or not, I love playing this game. Probably too boring and repetitive to some, but not to me. Really not THAT hard to get used to after playing it for a few hours. First timers will have trouble getting used to it for sure, which is why we have lots of YouTube videos on the game “sucking”. I disagree somewhat. Most of those reviewers RUSHED to make a video on their channels, without actually taking the time to get to know the game!

Long story short, it’s gonna be one of those games you’ll have to let “grow on you” before you’ll start to enjoy. It might not be fun for the first half hour or so, but once you start, you might not stop!