Nvidia RTX

First we had the 1080 Ti…NOW we have the 2080 Ti! But what is the main difference? Start reading below to find out!

Nvidia has officially announced the new line of graphics cards and the hype is completely insane! Why, might you ask? Well for one? IT’S A NEW GRAPHICS CARD. lol. Two? It has 1 killer feature that everyone is gonna want to get their hands on.

Ray-Tracing. What is Ray-Tracing? Funny you ask, because it’s an actual “reflection” effect that could be used in games to give it a more realistic approach. Ever played Call of Duty and saw reflections of JUST light everywhere you go? Well, that’s about to change indefinitely.

Now, we can literally see reflections of other enemies’ shadows on objects; we can see the reflection of a flamethrower through our characters eyes when seeing our characters’ face! WE CAN EVEN SEE THE SUNLIGHT, FLAMETHROWERS AND ENEMY SHADOWS ON VEHICLES WHEN NEAR! Watch video below to see what I mean!

Pretty crazy stuff, don’t you agree? Games are already getting high graphical almost to the point they look TOO MUCH like real life! Even VR don’t cut it! The graphics in general!

The RTX 2070 (About $500), the RTX 2080 (About $700) and the RTX 2080 Ti (About $1,000) all use the new “Turing” architecture. The main game they have showcased this new “Ray-Tracing” technology is Battlefield V and let me tell you.. It looks absolutely incredible! Who would’ve thought a mere intense reflection effect on windows, vehicles, water and everywhere else that can be reflected off of could be such a game changer! Realistically speaking…

The ability to calculate light sources and reflections that aren’t in the screen space (the only view on the TV you can see yourself while playing) is completely astonishing! This is huge!

It’s only been about 2 years since Nvidia release the 1080 series and this is a big leap forward from those cards!  Set to be released in late September and early October. Be sure to get your hands on 1 below!


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  1. Your website has potential in becoming a well informed gaming site. I’m a video game fan myself and I can say that as I finished viewing your website, it could have more articles about other games. Just like the article that you wrote about Black Ops 4, I and everyone would like to read more about other games or consoles. Great job on putting Dragon Ball Z at the top of the background.

    1. Thank you so much! Yea, since I just started, that’s why there isnt much articles yet. Plan on writing more. Takes time to grow like any online business.

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