Modern Warfare 4 Really Leaked This Early?

A proposed leak on the internet has been going around about a new supposed Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4! Gamers loving Black Ops 4 right now would indeed be very excited to hear about a new Call Of Duty game (we have one every year anyways. lol). However, something doesn’t seem quite right about the leak or the information given. Keep reading to know what I mean!

Here is a picture of what seems to be straight from the Call of Duty website!

The leak was posted on a subreddit here (can be clicked):


Not being Photoshopped (yes, that’s right) would lead many to believe that the leak is indeed real! There’s a catch, however. A simple “inspect element” edit in a browser like Google Chrome and you can literally put any information you want into a page you’re viewing! From there, it’s as easy as taking a screenshot with any capture software or Windows itself! Nvidia Shadowplay/GeForce Experience has this feature as well by recording or screenshotting your Desktop via a simple hotkey and not just for recording or snapshotting PC games.

Besides, it’s waaaaay too early for a leak to happen. Black Ops 4 has only been out for a couple months at the time of writing this article! We still have almost a whole year yet before we see another Call of Duty! We will most likely see a new announcement at E3 2019 where most BIG announcements in the gaming industry take place.

With all of that being said, the image is not credible whatsoever. Just keep enjoying Black Ops 4 until an actual announcement. Most leaks are to be taken with “a grain of salt”. 

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