How To Do Finishing Moves In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Ever since Call Of Duty Modern Warfare released on October 25th 2019, users have actually been having trouble with performing the unique and spectacular finishing moves that is completely new to the series! When playing online and even special ops missions, certain challenges ask you to do these to unlock certain operators and gain even more experience to level up quicker! Pic below:

Although it sounds easy, believe it or not, lots of users are having trouble with this task because it’s so easy to get shot in the game! Many users are experiencing trouble because they’re not using the button to perform them correctly and other users are just having trouble getting close enough to sneak behind someone…

Our mission in this article is to help all of you out to do these moves stress free and appropriately as needed. Keep in mind that these moves cannot be done in Special Ops modes or Campaign mode as they are exclusive to Multiplayer only.

Only one Operator (out of the 20 in the game) requires you to perform 25 of these to unlock him and that’s Kreuger:

Doesn’t sound that hard, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. It’s not so easy to get behind an online player without them noticing and even if you do, doing one thing wrong can cause everything to go south. You gotta be sneaky, strategical and above all…cautious and patient.

To perform these finishing moves: You just go up really close to one of your enemies from “behind” when they are standing up, prone or crouching (can be done on the side when they’re prone long as you’re looking right at them and next to them), then press and “HOLD” the melee button. Do NOT just press the melee button as you’ll just…well, melee them. lol.

So, here is our recommendations for getting those precious finishing moves done:

1. Flanking

Too many people neglect to do this in the Call of Duty games. They just rush into battle without any strategic plan and they get shot because of it (I wonder why. lol). Figure out ways to get around opponents in the maps to get behind them. This not only will catch them off guard, but will help you achieve these finishing moves a lot easier. Especially when your enemies are not paying attention and too busy shooting everyone else in front of them….

2. Find Loners

When flanking and trying to get behind enemies in buildings or wherever, it’s easy to go up to them to perform the finishing moves but NOT when there are other enemies in the same room or area that are covering or checking on their teammate. It’s best to find enemies that are alone in rooms or alone outside in a small area where no other teammate of his/hers is looking. If the others shoot you, you won’t perform the entire finishing move and it won’t count towards your experience progression/unlocking Kreuger.

3. Tactical Insertions (Requires Ranking Level 45)

Probably the MOST helpful tool in performing these moves. Why? Well, you see… When you put a tactical insertion down in a certain spot and someone kills you, you’ll literally spawn right back in that same exact spot you put the tactical insertion down at! This makes performing these finishing moves VERY easy, because “lots” of people do not pay attention to where they killed you at and just go on with their business. Little do they know, you spawned back to an area very close to where you get killed at, so you can just walk right up to them and FINISH THEM OFF from behind when they’re not looking! A fantastic toolset indeed!

Below are some videos, including showing off every single finishing move from every single operator made in the game in 8K!


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