Fortnite? Or Blackout…

Which game to play the most?

Fortnite was (still might possibly could be) one of the most played games of all time with a massive fan base. A game fit for all ages! You see lots of kids playing it on YouTube as well! However, there’s also a lot of people that love the new “Blackout” mode that released for Call of Duty Black Ops 4!

What is this Blackout mode everyone is talking about though and why is it new to the Call of Duty series, specifically to Black Ops 4? That’s a good question! It’s literally a battle royale mode.  For those that don’t know what a “Battle Royale” is in video games; it’s a game mode that let’s you play the normal game, but once you die? You’re done. You’re out for the whole match. No rounds whatsoever.  You also have to pick up all of your items and yes, that includes any guns you can find. Be careful, because if an enemy finds a gun before you or has landed near you, you could possibly be screwed.

Let’s also not forget the fact that the maps are GIGANTIC than normal and not only do you have to survive? “Camping” won’t help you much as there’s a big
“dome-like” ring that you have to stay in or it’ll start decreasing your health. The game mode starts out at between 85 to 100 people IN ONE LOBBY. As everyone keeps dying and the number of  85 to 100 people declines as the match goes on, this dome force field thingy keeps getting smaller and smaller!

Eventually, decreasing the map size (since you have to stay in this dome thingy or risk your health going down automatically), makes all of you get closer and closer to each other. At that point, it’s all or nothing to be the top dog of the match! Kill or be killed. Thank goodness there are health packs you can grab along your journey in the match. You just have to find them and heal yourself as needed. The Battle Royale game modes consist of Solo, Duo or Quads. Solo being by yourself against the rest of the BIG lobby. Duo, meaning you and a partner. Last but not least, Quads being you and 3 other people on a team against the rest of the lobby being on teams.

So you see, camping WILL NOT HELP YOU win a “Battle Royale” other than getting cover or hiding until the ring gets to its smallest size. However, which “Battle Royale” game do you like the most or haven’t tried yet? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each game and then you can decide!


The Pros

  • Can build stuff, including fortresses to help aid you in not dying or protecting your team. FORT wouldn’t be in the name if you couldn’t build one. *Laughing*
  • There’s a lot more variety compared to the Call of Duty series in general.
  • Children would love the game characters
  • Massive player base
  • Vehicles can be driven in the match.

The Cons

  • Might be WAAAY too cartooney for grown-ups
  • Not a very bloody game (if there’s any at all)
  • People who like realism or graphics will be disappointed as it’s too animated.
  • The guns (and characters) are sometimes weird-looking or childish
  • Once you die, you’ll have to leave lobby and go into another one to play the game again. Unless, you WANT to watch everyone play for the entire match.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 “Blackout Mode”

The Pros

  • It’s still Call of Duty. Some were bad, some were good. Ever since Call of Duty WWII, I feel the series is back on track. NO WALL RUNNING OR THRUST JUMPING! \(^.^)/
  • Graphics are realistic
  • There is definitely blood that splats from the guns fired into the enemies’ bodies.
  • Can also drive vehicles like ATVs, boats, helicopters and even trucks to help you or your team.
  • The aiming feels exactly like Black Ops 3 minus the wall running and thrust jumping, so for people that are familiar with the aiming of Black Ops 3, it’s the exact same. At least to me. Going from this and back to Call of Duty WWII and BO4 to BO3 and back, you can tell what I’m talking about.
  • Is actually a lot more fun than everyone anticipated. Most people thought it would be a bust and make the Call of Duty series worse, but it actually made it even better! So better in fact, I’d rather play it now than Fortnite!

The Cons

  • You’ll most likely die a lot just like in Fortnite. These Battle Royale game modes are no joke when it comes to trying to survive. It’s sometimes BS! *laughing on the inside*.
  • The PC version of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 does not have aim assist for gamepads. If you’ve ever played the PC version of this game like I have, you’ll notice it’s actually a lot harder to aim with a controller than a console. I do absolutely TERRIBLE on the PC version as I don’t like using keyboards and mice. I do the best at hardcore modes getting in top 5 at least (*laughing*). But the Blackout mode and regular “core” modes, I’ll never do great in and will always get last because I suck at the PC version. My name on here and YouTube is GamingCanBeFun . Not GamingIsBeSkilled. (*laughing*).
  • Teammates can kill you. Hey, I never said Blackout wasn’t realistic enough…
  • You’ll still get addicted to it like my fiance at the time of writing this article.
  • Like Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode… once you die, you’ll have to leave lobby and go into another one to play the game again. Unless, you WANT to watch everyone play for the entire match.
  • No Story campaign. A FIRST in all of Call of Duty history! Most people played it online anyways, so I don’t see the big deal…They have cutscenes totaling about a half hour if you go into the Specialist HQ area of the game to make up for it though.


Well, there you have it! If it seemed like I was a little biased and like Call of Duty’s Blackout mode more, I wasn’t trying to seem that way. However, I feel like it’s more of a preference in liking 1 game over the other. In my case, I like Call of Duty and their new Blackout mode more, but that’s because I’m used to it more. If I played Fortnite more, I might have a different viewpoint, which is why I wrote this article for other people to decide which one they’d rather buy!

You can buy Call of Duty Black Ops 4 HERE (tap or click) 

Fortnite is a free game you can download from the digital stores of your consoles or PC. Paid version is purchased through the game itself and only if you want to play the “Save The World” game mode. Not the Battle Royale game mode I’ve been mentioning in this article. That game mode in Fortnite is free.

Here is my funny video of Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode being used as a “all players are like this” type thingy. Enjoy 😀

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