Black Ops 4?


Team Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Domination, etc., etc., etc.! Is the entire series truly just a copy and paste or are there actually interesting features that are going to be added to newer titles? One thing’s for sure, the 2 game modes above will never go away and why would they? Hey! Those 3 words rhymed. lol. Away, they, hey. Nevermind…

We’ve seen some killer and unique features that have been added to the series to give it a new feel. Wall running being a prime example that was first introduced in Black Ops 3! Although, the thrust jumping that was first introduced in Advanced Warfare, continuing to exist in Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare was so irritating to most players! Including myself! Had to shoot everyone flying in the air like flying squirrels! It was so dumb!

Then we have zombies that has been in several Call of Duty titles. Out of the latter above (dealing with thrust jumping and wall running), zombies was actually fun and challenging. I’ll admit, the only game mode I ever played in Infinite Warfare was the Zombies. I hated the online of that game! Waaaay too futuristic for my tastes.

I’m sure most of my readers and players would tend to agree! Something about the constant shooting in space-like stages really wasn’t what the Call of Duty series was about to begin with. It was better as a boots on ground at all times type game from the getgo! I honestly liked the wall running though, because it was something unique brought to the series. Just not the jetpack, thrust jumping crap.

Did I mention no one liked the thrust jumping? Just making sure…lol

Now we’re about to get Black Ops 4. Not only are they introducing several game modes that were never in the series, but I’ll explain all of them to you! Below or next to this…4 line logo, representing Black Ops FOUR.


This game mode is like Domination, except you have 2 areas you have to capture for 1. For 2, there’s a catch. Both teams have a 30 death limit. Both teams has to either A, kill and deplete all 30 available lives of the opposite team or B, capture both areas without losing all 30 lives. Once a team is down to 5 or less, no more respawns are given in that round and is kinda like Search and Destroy at that point with everyone watching you being the only ones left to do the latter above.



This one is kinda neat, but kinda lame if you don’t know what you’re doing. You all start out with pistols, but you all have a starting amount of money. This money can be used on better weapons, scorestreaks, heavy armor, more equipment, etc. after every round..

The objective is to go grab the spawned bag of money on the map and bring it to a specific location also spawned on map to deposit the money. This wins the round, but hold up! There’s a catch. Once you die, you’re out for that round. Don’t fret! If your team wins the round, you’ll still get a LOT of money each round to spend on the better options I listed above.

You’ll also still get money even if you lose the round as you get money for bullet hits AND kills! You just won’t get as much money for following rounds if you don’t get the bag of money and win each round… That’s literally the entire game mode.



This is the game mode that has been touted by Activision left and right on all of the internet and media. It’s pretty much a MASSIVE map that has been exaggerated as 1,500 times the size of Nuketown from previous Call of Duty games. Now, while that might seem really crazy?

It is. Problem, is the fact that there are vehicles (sea, land and air) and is LITERALLY just a (in my opinion) “copy” of Battlefield’s Conquest Mode and Fortnite (minus the wall building stuff)… Yeah, I said. Why?

Battlefield’s Conquest mode has been around for quite some time and already offers sea, land and air vehicle gunplay! However, adding something like that, while also adding a “battle royale” type plan combined to this Call of Duty title might OR might not be a good thing.

Realistic wise, it’d be kinda cool. 64 men in a match (give or take a few), fly a helicopter around trying to shoot others online and if you get shot down, you’re out of the entire match completely… Simple to understand. Like real life; you get shot down from a helicopter? Chances are, you’re not surviving the fall or the explosion. Well, depending on if you were “shot down” or “blown up”. lol.



Forgot to mention, most of the specialists from Black Ops 3 are coming back except a few (Outrider, Blackjack, Reaper and Spectre have not rejoined. Sad, because Outrider, Reaper and Spectre were among my favorites). Some of these specialists that ARE rejoining have different abilities now as well.

Example. Nomad’s in BO3 was a Hive Gun. Now it’s a beefy Pitbull that sniffs enemies out and attacks them on-site. Also forgot to mention 1 more thing! There is no wall running OR thrust jumping in this Call of Duty at all!

Ever since Call of Duty WWII, I do believe they are finally making the right decision in listening to their fans. It’s about time! Hopefully this Blackout mode won’t be as frustrating to play as it sounds. Being killed and can’t respawn. I kinda not like that idea in a Call of Duty title. It’s hard enough to not get killed!

You can buy Call of Duty Black Ops 4 here. Just select your game system on the right side of that page. Game will be for:

PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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