Bitcoin…Video Games? Ethereum Video Games? Crypto Coin Games?

The Rise of All Cryptocurrencies

Just an idea that game developers should consider, but have any of you ever considered the possibility of video games developed that reward you with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any crypto on the Ethereum network? With the continuous rise of cryptos each and every year higher and higher in value, one might think there should be other avenues to receive this new “digital gold” (Bitcoin) or “digital oil” (Ethereum).

Why should most think this way? Well, because I’m sure most of you feel like Bitcoin and all other cryptos will, in fact, replace all of the world’s currency. As of the date of this article, the United States national debt is over $27.8 TRILLION! That is actually between $7.8 trillion to $10 trillion higher than it was before ex-president Donald Trump took office! Something eventually has to give! The United States dollar has lost most of its value and it will be harder and harder to climb back out of this debt hole!

Now since I know most of you might not care about politics, so let me just tell you this: Bitcoin reached over $42,000 in the first time in history this year earlier this month (January 2021) from only $2 to $5 back in 2009. That mean it has blasted more than 40,000% since 12 years ago! If we were able to put all that $27 Trillion in debt into Bitcoin back then, we wouldn’t be in debt! Here’s the thing though, there is only so many Bitcoins in circulation. Therefore, it wouldn’t even be possible to put $27 Trillion in cuz that is more than what Bitcoin is even worth! You would have to buy all the Bitcoin available and no one else would be able to have any!

The main point I’m trying to say is this: If Bitcoin and Ethereum will be the new “Digital Gold” and “Digital Oil”, that will most likely replace the value of actual gold and oil (not actually replace oil, just have a value similar digitally) then wouldn’t it be wise to create even more avenues to make more of these cryptocurrencies for people in the distance future? I don’t mean make more supply. I mean develop ways to get these currencies into people’s hands that don’t have any!

What better way to attempt this than to make video games with the possibility of rewarding players with them! Instead of points, they get crypto! Now I know there are mobile apps and mobile games that give you Bitcoin, but what if most other game development companies started participating in this? A triple A game like Call of Duty, God of War, Spiderman, Batman, Halo, Mario, you name it!

If Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest of the cryptocurrencies are set to replace the world’s currency since all other country currencies are losing their value to almost nothing, then we ALL (scientists, games, game development companies, banks, doctors, construction workers, police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, computer engineers, graphics card makers like Nvidia and AMD, computer processor makers like Intel and AMD, motherboard makers like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and ASrock, etc.) need to help each other find ways to put more crypto in our pockets for the day that paper money will no longer be used!

Several Companies and Institutions Buy, Sell and Offer Cryptocurrencies Now

Businesses and online businesses like Paypal, actual local banks around your hometown, colleges, Microsoft, and even YouTubers like myself (, Twitch streamers, Instagram models/users and Tik Tok entertainers/users put links in their profile info telling everyone they can donate, buy or sell a certain cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrencies are no longer just a “fad” or “trend” that is becoming more and more popular. No, no, no…

They WILL replace all fiat currency of the world eventually. What’s the most scary part? Crypto isn’t money that is controlled by a centralized government. It is a DEcentralized form of universal currency regular people like you and me can mine on electronic devices at home. It can buy literally everything fiat can!

The cryptocurrencies were also made by people like you and me. Not by government officials. Now, how is this scary? Well, this literally shows how “powerless” our governments really are. Ever heard of “money is king” or “money is power”? Well if cryptocurrencies keep going up in value overtime (especially the first crypto in the world, aka Bitcoin; which is also VERY close to surpassing physical Gold in market value. Gold is what gave the United States dollar ITS value) it will replace all of the world’s currency.

Then, any money that any of the governments across the world will make after this point will be useless. Unless, they ALSO make their very own cryptocurrency. I feel that is exactly what will happen. Why? Keep reading…

The Blockchain Is The Future of Security and Balance

Ya see, the blockchain is the perfect middleman for transaction history. Especially for police, the FBI and the army (Navy Seals, U.S. Army, Marines, etc.). Why? Every single transaction is recorded and publicly visible to the world. Every buy, sell or trade can be seen by anyone in the world if they are looking to be nosey. Now this can raise privacy concerns to a lot of people, but this is one way to get all the world’s governments in on it to accept it even though that can’t make any of the current cryptocurrencies their own. It only helps them, because it will be a LOT easier to catch criminals money laundering, buying illegal goods, illegal drugs, illegal activities, so on and so forth.

Fiat currency will eventually be the criminal money and cryptocurrency will be the currency that will replace fiat. The good and more profitable/valuable currency usually chases out the bad and less profitable/valuable currency. As Bitcoin , Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies continue to show this, the more likely will enter a world of “no one will accept fiat anymore except criminals to sneak criminal activities”.

The only big difference is the fact that since all crypto transactions are visible to the entire public, everyone will be able to see where you bought something from if you use your cryptocurrency digital wallet address (which is needed to make purchases or make sales at all). This is definitely still a privacy concern which is why we’ve been seeing cryptocurrency bank cards! Imagine this… a cryptocurrency digital wallet address will “technically” be your new routing and account address. Only difference is, instead of 2 address for the routing and account, it is just one address for both.

Why Cryptocurrency Mining Is Important

The reason why cryptocurrency mining is important is quite simple: “Difficulty”. What do I mean? Well, each transaction goes into a “block “on the “blockchain” which is the digital web of crypto coin transactions. When there are too many transactions in one block, “mining” helps by going on the blockchain and figuring out ways to either pack more transactions into that one block or remove the transactions by placing them in new blocks.

This is why it’s called the “blockchain”. In essence, it is just a big digital chain-web of blocks that contain mostly transactions that either have to be removed or packed in more to make more space for other blocks. That is exactly the job the crypto miner is meant for. The harder it is to remove or add these transactions, the less the reward.

And yes, by reward, I mean free crypto money. But it’s not actually free now is it? Mining requires significant computer horsepower usually found in mostly graphics cards which have been more powerful than processors (CPUs) for many years now. This horsepower comes at a cost: Electricity. So your electricity bill will eventually go up mining crypto. However…. As time goes on and these cryptocurrencies go up in value, there might be a time where eventually, the mining will just pay for itself. Like literally making your electric bill free. Why? It’s all about that value.

The United States dollar is so deprecated in value that Bitcoin is set to replace it entirely since the only thing standing in Bitcoin’s way is Gold. Since Bitcoin is so close to passing Gold in value and Gold is the only thing that gives the United States dollar its value, it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin will completely take over the United States dollar.  It’s really that easy to understand.

You Might Want To Invest In Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Instead of Gold, Silver and “Once Valuable” Materials

I see all these ads and commercials saying “you can invest in gold too!” crap. You of all people should know that everything is going digital. Everything:

  • Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and many other online video streaming platforms took over Family Video and Blockbuster.

  • GameFly took over Family Video and BlockBuster as well offering physical and digital games.

  • The PSN Store on Playstation, Microsoft Store on Xbox and PC, Steam and Epic Games on PC, the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo, as well as GameFly also took over Family Video and Blockbuster and soon all these will replace Gamestop inevitably.

Now, Bitcoin has almost surpassed Gold in value, obtained by big worldwide companies like PayPal, Microsoft and actual local banks around your hometown, as well as set to be the next actual currency everyone in the world will start using and will be the norm. Everyone uses bank cards for their money in their bank. You’ll eventually have to use a Cryptocurrency bank card for your purchases. Hell, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission of the US government) gave all banks in the United States “the go” to go ahead and accept cryptocurrencies!

If THAT doesn’t convince you to start trading a lot of your money in for cryptocurrency instead of this useless fiat crap, I don’t know what will. We won’t be using fiat money for much longer in the coming years.. You might want to invest in Cryptocurrencies now while most of them are cheap. Then you’ll have plenty around the time they take over fiat. Fiat is the past. Crypto is the future. You don’t wanna wind up broke when companies start announcing “oh, we don’t accept cash, credit, debit or checks anymore. However, we accept Crypto!”. This will come to pass. Mark my words… You’ll want to be ready when it does. No one or the government will just hand you these cryptocurrencies for free. Well…unless you’re on SSI (Social Security Income). They might find a way. But still. Haha.

Game Developers, Listen Up!

You should help the world with this idea. We already have hotspot WiFi miners, mining apps on phones, mining software for computers, mining hardware like graphics cards and ASIC miners (very expensive). However, if some of you developers can make mining apps for phones, I KNOW you can make rewarding video games that reward players with bitcoin. Kinda like how the mining profit rewards are higher when mining with a computer that is super powerful capable of mining super difficult algorithms in the blockchain to receive Bitcoin….

Except, receive more Bitcoin/other cryptocurrency the more difficult the gameplay is… The hardest difficulty gives the highest Bitcoin rewards. If you have to, you can make it a time limit! Can only obtain Bitcoin between these hours and these hours to get people to hop on there. Kinda like Call of Duty does for Double XP weekends. Everyone gets on there to level up faster. Have Double Bitcoin hour! Haha.

Offer new realms of possibilities to help people receive Bitcoin and other cryptos for the future! Some people refuse to go work, well have them stay inside, play games and get rewarded the new money! I’m sure their girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands won’t be so upset with them playing all the time then! They’re helping financially stabilize their own family! Haha.


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