Thank you for visiting my website! I got you covered! Why did I choose a dark theme for my website? Main reason is, it’s easier on your eyes. You won’t be blinded by so much bright white light. lol

My Previous and Current Life as a Gamer



My name is Cody! Yes, I’m real. To prove it, here is my YouTube channel: Click/tap here. I was born on November 13th, 1989 (Go Scorpios!) and I’ve known computers and video games since I was 4 years old (no joke)! When my mother first got a computer, she let me play on that thing everyday when she went to work because it kept me occupied and out of trouble!

I not only learned how to operate it without her help, but I also found out (eventually) how to build them, make them faster, clean them out and even reinstall the operating system back on it! Well… As I got older, I learned the last 2 things, but you get the general idea.

Everyday I got home from school, I played on that thing constantly and found new uses for it all by myself! Then once I turned 5, I got my first video game console. A Super Nintendo! My favorite video game of all time on that thing was “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island”. I probably beat the game hundreds of times throughout my life. lol. Nintendo 64 was my next console I owned and Mario Party 2 was my favorite game on this console.

Once I reached the age of 7? I moved on to PlayStation. The first PlayStation sold! PS1 or as some may call it? The PSX. With this game console, it’s probably a tossup between 4 games being my favorite PS games: Spyro (1st game), Crash Bandicoot (3rd game, aka “Warped”), CTR: Crash Team Racing and Rogue Trip Vacation 2012 (Kind of like Twisted Metal, but more humorous). I can never pick which of these were my most favorite, because all 4 are amazing to me.

Then came PS2. Waaaay too many favorite games on this game console to choose just one. lol. Then PS3, then PS4, then so on and so forth! Now, I play it all! Including custom built my own PCs to play very high graphical games on!

The point is? I LOVE video games. If you’re viewing my website, then you clearly do too! Don’t lie to yourself. I’m sure you also play mobile games on your smartphones too. Candy Crush? That’s a video game! lol.


I want to help all of you have the best gaming experience. I want to help your children find games cheerful! I want to help teenagers find games cool. I want to help adults find violent games badass!

Most importantly? I’m not answering the bold question above this part, am I? I’m a big believer in karma. What you do good for people will come back good to you in return and there is no timeframe when this happens. I could help you today and get blessed a week from now with big news! That’s not the only reason though! I also love to help people with video games, because believe it or not? Video games are kind of like a medicine for me.

It’s not very logical, practical or moral to go out and shoot somebody in real life, is it? So, I’d just shoot someone in a shooting game! I wouldn’t want to go hit someone in the face after they’ve made me mad, because I’d get an assault and battery charge, wouldn’t I? So, I’d go play a fighting game and pretend the character I’m hitting is that person!

Creative, right? lol.

Video games have kept me from major depression and anxiety for the most part as well. If you occupy your mind and distract yourself on purpose, how can you think of anything depressing or fearful? Exactly…


The goal of my site is to help you find games FUN and not so frustrating. Of course games are always fun and supposed to be fun, but that’s besides the point…

If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at cody@gamingcanbefun.com

All the best,

Cody R.

Founder of GamingCanBeFun.comĀ 

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